CorleyOak Stud

Halstock Nightfall (Nipper)

Black filly - d.o.b. 04.06.13
Sire : Kerswell Socks

Dam: Halstock Warrior's Nightingale

Nipper got her nickname for three reasons :-

  1. She is very small (little nipper)
  2. She is very quick (nippy)
  3. She bites (nips) - well she did at first, be we have since taught her some manners and she is a good girl now!

The picture of her is on arrival so not the best.  At the moment she is far too muddy, woolly and scruffy to take a good picture but a better one will be posted in due course!

Shallowater Dido (Dido)

Black (minimal tobiano) filly - d.o.b. 14.05.13
Sire: Helza Bilbo
Dam: Westleah Truffle

Not the most flattering picture of Dido who is the chunky, leg in each corner type of shetland we like. She is much prettier than this picture suggests!   She is a future "wife" for Bob, our home-bred stallion.  She has a lovely, friendly temperament, moves really well and is all we would want in a brood mare.  In time, she would also make a lovely riding pony for a small child as her temperament is first class.  

Better picture to follow hopefully!

CorleyOak Dark Secret (Cocoa)

Buckskin filly - d.o.b. 08.05.16

Sire: CorleyOak Easter Bobby Dazzler
Dam: Fairy Calypso

Cocoa is a stunning filly who moves like a dream.  She has a pretty, dished face and a lovely, friendly temperament.  She has been handled since birth and is a confident young lady.  Definitely show quality!

CorleyOak Spotlight (Topsy)

Black tobiano filly - d.o.b. 30.05.16

Sire: Edern Pennant
Dam: Edern Misty Morn

Topsy is a character - one of the most loving foals (now yearling) we've ever known.  She is super-confident and very obliging.  As a foal she went in two classes in the National Foal of the Year Show and took everything in her stride.  We intend to keep her as she will probably make a fantastic riding pony for one of the grandchildren.

(Picture to follow - either Topsy is either too dirty, being mostly white, or her face is in the camera, but eventually we'll get a good picture of her!)

CorleyOak Amba Sunrise (Amba)

Chestnut filly

D.o.b. 11.05.15

Sire: Edern Wil Sam
Dam: Kelsey of Brindister

Amba is a home-bred filly.  She is super-friendly, very inquisitive and gorgeous!  She has a lot of bone and fantastic straight movement but the best thing about her is her lovely personality.

CorleyOak Flash Alan (Alan)

Smokey black colt

D.o.b. 18.04.15

Sire: CorleyOak Easter Bobby Dazzler
Dam: Mardlebrook Joyful

Alan was sold at the beginning of 2016, but we have since bought him back as he was about to be sold on and, being a colt, we were concerned to ensure his future.  He has now been gelded before we try to find him a home but will stay with us for the time being.  

Alan is a real cutie.  He is small, compact and very striking with his four white feet and flash of white in his mane, from where he gets his name.  Totally loveable little chap whose antics are hilarious.  He is into everything like an over-active toddler, but unbelievably the strongest equine my daughter has ever shown. He is phenomenally strong!

Here's Alan now as a 2 year old:-

tock Octavia (Ava)

d.o.b. 23.05.15

Black tobiano filly

Sire: Halstock X-Factor
Dam: Halstock Cognac's Orcadia

Octavia (now known as "Ava") was purchased on a complete whim at the 2015 Reading Autumn sale.  We went there for an entirely different pony!   She was, quite frankly, a "little madam" - very feisty and with a lot of "attitude".  Hopefully this will assist her in the show ring as she has a lot of presence.  According to her breeder, she gets this attitude from her grandmother!  We have worked with her to make her a little more amenable and she has certainly improved!!  She is very friendly now, thank goodness.  She is a stunning filly and we have high hopes for her.......  

CorleyOak Silver Moonstone (Jewel)

Sire: Kerswell Legacy
Dam: Collytown Charisma

d.o.b. 24.05.14

Jewel had just enjoyed a roll in some sand in the above picture.....  She is maturing into a super, stocky pony.  She has the best temperament ever and loves being with people.  The above picture was taken when she was in "roan" mode.  The one below is her winter colour!  Jewel will be visiting Bob, our stallion shortly for a foal in 2019.  Jewel is a buckskin roan, so it will be interesting to see what foal colour she and Bob, who is palomino, will produce!

Pinglewood Pandora (Socks)

Buckskin minimal tobiano (one small white patch on off side)

Sire: Pinglewood Puzzle (Bay tobiano)

Dam: Pantir Champagne (Palomino)

Poor Socks endured a terrible foaling in 2017 so will never be put in foal again.  She will be our new granddaughter's riding pony as she is absolutely fantastic with children.


 Kelsey of Brindister (Kelsey)

Liver chestnut

Sire: Swarthoull Virna
Dam: Ramnaberg Blossom

Above is the beautiful Kelsey.  We purchased her in foal at Reading Sales in 2014.  She produced a super filly, Amba, is retained and was expecting a foal by our stallion, Bob in 2017.  Sadly, the foal was stillborn and premature which was a huge disappointment.   She ran with Bob again, so hopefully she will have a lovely foal in the Spring of 2018.  Kelsey was semi-feral when we first got her, but has grown in confidence now and trusts us.  She has become a favourite.

Updated 25.04.18