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Passed his voluntary veterinary assessment!

We were absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to buy Bob's son, Auric Tattoo,  (now christened "Sonny" for obvious reasons!).   Although a different colour to his sire, Sonny has his father's brilliant temperament.  He is a little monkey but very loving and kind.  He has the same face as his sire, down to the little white snip at the end of his nose.  They are big hoofprints in which to follow but we are hoping he will become an excellent stallion.  He is now licensed and soon to become a Dad for the first time as two of our mares are in foal to him.

Sire: Corleyoak Easter Bobby Dazzler
Dam: Auric Twilight

 Buckskin colt
d.o.b. 20.05.18

Above is Sonny giving some "attitude" to his soon-to-be field mate, Cranford Juggernaut (Jugsy).  After a day or two we turned them out together.  Quite funny watching Sonny tried to take on a gelding at least three times his size.  "Jugsy" tolerated it for a while (Sonny nipped at his hock and bit his side) and then turned his considerable backside onto Sonny and reversed slowly until Sonny got the message!  He didn't even pick up a hoof - just used his considerable weight!  Sonny now knows his place and follows "Uncle Jugsy" everywhere.

R.I.P. Gorgeous boy.......Mourning the loss of our Resident (home bred) Stallion...

Our beloved Bob passed away suddenly on 30th December 2018

 Bob is the son of Champlers Fairy Sovereign and the grandson of the famous Fairy Bacchus.  Bob is pictured here at Fillongley Show, August 2015.   We took him to Fillongley Show this year as well and he won his class.   As well as being quite a smart boy, he has a wonderful temperament and is very well mannered in the show ring.  His first foal, a palomino filly, was born in 2014 (CorleyOak Pearlescent), his second foal, a super smokey black colt (CorleyOak Flash Alan) was born in 2015 and in 2016 he became the father of a lovely buckskin filly (CorleyOak Dark Secret) - see Foals page.  He also sired two foals for the Courellis Stud in Widnes (Courellis Drambuie and Courellis Dishy Doris) and spent some time at the Kettlesnout Stud, producing three stunning foals for them in 2017.  We were expecting two foals by him in April 2017 out of Kelsey of Brindister and Pinglewood Pandora but sadly Kelsey's foal was premature and still-born and Socks' foal was lost to us after two days, due to an horrendous foaling (see foals page).  Kelsey produced a lovely palomino filly in June 2018 (Sparkle) so we have two of Bob's daughters at the stud.  Both have his amazing temperament.

Photo reproduced by kind permission of Emmpics (

Below is Bob in action.  He enjoys showing himself off!

Bob has the most gorgeous mane and forlock.  He has to toss his head to see where he's going!

2017 Season

Bob ran with Kelsey of Brindister who is due to foal any day now......

2016 Season

Bob ran with Kelsey of Brindister and Pinglewood Pandora.  Both mares were in foal, but sadly both foals were lost in different circumstances (see foals page)

2015 Season

Bob ran with Fairy Calypso.  the result was a stunning filly, CorleyOak Dark Secret (Cocoa).

2014 Season

Bob ran with Mardlebrook Joyful for a 2015 foal and she produced a super smokey black colt (CorleyOak Flash Alan)

2013 Season

Ted ran with Collytown Charisma for a 2014 foal (buckskin filly born 24.05.14 - CorleyOak Silver Moonstone - aka "Jewel")

Bob ran with Pinglewood Olivia for a 2014 foal (palomino filly foal - CorleyOak Pearlescent - who came third in the miniature Shetland filly class at the National Foal of the Year Show and recently stood Reserve Junior Champion at Derbyshire County Show - see foals page!)

2012 Season

Ted (above) ran with Pinglewood Olivia and she produced a lovely colt on the last day of May 2013, CorleyOak Done & Dusted

2011 Season



In 2011, three of our mares visited Pinglewood stallions:-


  • Pinglewood Dominic (Bluebell and Barbie)
  • Pinglewood Tobemory (Charisma)

We are very grateful to the Pinglewood Stud for allowing us to use their stunning stallions.


2010 Season

Darwin Geronemo

As we have two young colts to run on and hopefully become our stallions, we did not really want to buy another stallion just now.  The Pinglewood Stud has very kindly agreed to allow us to use their super stallion, Darwin Geronemo.

Two of our mares, Clover & Evie, ran with Joey (as he is known) and both were scanned in foal to him.

Sadly, we lost Clover to  hyperlipedaemia a week before she was due to foal.  Evie gave birth to a filly foal on 6th May.

2009 Season

Allensmore Starmist


We were fortunate to be able to lease Star for 2009.  Star is a stunning blue dun tobiano, licensed under the "old" system.  He has a wonderful temperament and we became very fond of him over the summer.   Collytown Charisma produced a stunning colt foal by Star -see "Those we have bred".

His name is "CorleyOak Charismatic" - Matt for short.


2006 - 2008 Seasons

Champlers Fairy Sovereign

Sovereign was our first stallion,  a fantastic stallion with the kindest temperament which he passed on to all his offspring:-


Colt Foals                                                     Filly Foals
CorleyOak Apatchy (2008)                         CorleyOak Black Diamond (2007)
Chestnut tobiano - ex Talwrynisaf Clover Girl     Black - ex Barns Gypsy Rose
CorleyOak Legacy of Sovereign (2009)      CorleyOak Touch Wood (2008)
Dark brown  - ex Talwrynisaf Clover Girl                 Chestnut roan - ex Quakers Comfrey
CorleyOak Easter Bobbie Dazzler (2009)    CorleyOak Champagne (2008)
Palomino  - ex Braywood Vanilla                                Palomino - ex Braywood Vanilla
                                                                    CorleyOak Red Rose (2009)
                                                                    Chestnut Dun


Colt foal

CorleyOak Charismatic (2010)
Bay - ex Collytown Charisma


                                                                                           Filly foals

                                                                                           CorleyOak Angelina

                                                                                           Black tobiano - ex Pinglewood Olivia

                                                                                           CorleyOak Cinsation (2010)
                                                                                           Bay tobiano - ex Pinglewood Barbie Doll


                                                                    Filly foal
                                                                    CorleyOak Mille Fleurs (2011)
Chestnut tobiano - ex Hillash Evie



Colt foal

CorleyOak Jack Magic (2012)

Chestnut tobiano - ex Collytown Charisma


Colt foal                                                            Filly foal

CorleyOak Done & Dusted (2013)                    CorleyOak Moonstone (Jewel) (2014)

Buckskin roan - ex Pinglewood Olivia                                    Buckskin roan - ex Collytown Charisma


Colt foal

CorleyOak Gladiator (2014)


                                          Filly foal

                                                                         CorleyOak Pearlescent (Pearl) (2014)

                                                                         Palomino - ex Pinglewood Olivia





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