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 Pictured below are our three larger horses & ponies, Badger, Harry & Taz.  


Totti Noble (Badger)

Badger is a dark bay tobiano.  Goodness only knows where his official name comes from.  It's obvious how he got his nickname though as his forelock is black and white!


Badger has a kind, loving nature and is very eager to please.  He is pictured above at his very first show where he was placed 3rd.  He has been shown a lot since and always does well.    When not showing, he is a family pet - very much loved and never going anywhere!



No Angel (Taz)


Taz is a 16 h Anglo-Arab chestnut mare who sometimes lives up to the chestnut mare reputation so she's well named! 

(The Taz nickname is after the Tasmanian devil!).  Taz is highly strung and a one-woman horse.  Definitely not a horse for the faint-hearted!!  However, she is bombproof on the roads and an absolute pleasure to hack out on, which is what I wanted her for!  She is elderly now, so not ridden, but still much loved (and cosseted) and she will be for the rest of her days.


Harry (BEFORE!!!)


Known on Facebook as "Sir Harold of Corley", Harry is a black tobiano colt (since gelded).    He was rising two in the picture on the left.  We "rescued"/bought him from a very bad situation in January 2014 when we answered an advertisement for a ride and drive gelding rising 3!  He was neither!! He was also too small for us, in a pitiful state and only 20 months old, but we couldn't leave him where he was, so we paid for him and brought him home.

On the left is Harry the first time we ever saw him.  The picture speaks for itself!  At the time he weighed less than one of our standard shetland ponies!



Harry was quite hesitant at first and also pretty poorly, but he has made a good recovery and is now very confident in our company.

Harry (IMPROVING!!!) - about 16 months later and a lot of TLC

Below is Harry on Sunday, 19th April 2015 winning his class at his first ever show.  (He won both classes he was entered in!  We were so proud of him)  Just shows how far he has come in just over a year.

We think he'll be a stunner when fully mature

Harry (Summer 2016) - a handsome 4 year old

Harry still has some maturing to do.  We think his dreadful start in life delayed his development, so it will be a while before he turns into the chunky cob we're expecting, but he can have as much time as he needs.  Considering how badly poor Harry was treated, it hasn't stopped him turnng into a trusting, loving pony.

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