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Those we have bred

      Charlie (2006)                                  Diamond  (2007)                                Storm (2008)                           Apatchy (2008)

   Hope (2008)                                             Bob (2009)                                 Samson (2009)                          Rose (2009)

      Angelina  (2010)                                        Matt (2010)                                          Cindy (2010)                                Millie (2011)


         Jack (2012)                                                 Dusty (2013)                                     Max (2014)                                           Jewel (2014)                                 Pearl (2014)

           Alan (2015)                                     Amba (2015)                                  Topsy (2016)                                    Cocoa (2016)                                 Andy (2017)                       Bailey( 2017)  Pic to follow         
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                   CorleyOak Gold Mine (Sparkle)
                   CorleyOak Every Cloud (Bailey)                 
                   CorleyOak Band of Gold (Andy)
                   CorleyOak Spotlight (Topsy)
                   CorleyOak Dark Secret (Cocoa)
                   CorleyOak Amba Sunrise (Amba)
                   CorleyOak Pearlescent (Pearl)
                   CorleyOak Flash Alan (Alan)
                   CorleyOak Silver Moonstone  (Jewel)
                   CorleyOak Gladiator (Max)
                   CorleyOak Done & Dusted (George)
                   CorleyOak Jack Magic (Jack)
                   CorleyOak Mille Fleurs (Millie)
                   CorleyOak Charismatic (Matt)
                   CorleyOak Angelina (Angel)
                   CorleyOak Red Rose (Rose)
                   CorleyOak Cinsation (Cindy)
                   CorleyOak Legacy of Sovereign (Samson)
                   CorleyOak Easter Bobby Dazzler (Bob)
                   CorleyOak Touch Wood (Hope)
                   CorleyOak Champagne (Storm)
                   CorleyOak Apatchy (Patch)
                   CorleyOak Black Diamond (Diamond)
                   CorleyOak Cavalier (Charlie)



Sire: Kerswell Legacy

Dam: Pinglewood Olivia

d.o.b. 31.05.13

Dusty was born in the last hour of May and was up on his feet and looking for food in double quick time. He's a strong and feisty colt and we're very pleased with him. First foal for Kerswell Legacy (Ted) - second foal for Pinglewood Olivia.



Sire: Pinglewood Tobemory

Dam: Collytown Charisma
d.o.b. 28.05.12

Introducing Jack Magic who got his name as he appeared as if by magic, within 45 minutes between two checks on his Mum.  One minute all was calm, 45 minutes later, there he was, up on his feet, strong and feisty!  He might be no. 13, but nothing unlucky about him - he's a stunning colt with a lot of presence.  One for the show ring, we think!

Although Jack was up on his feet, poor Charisma was exhausted and lay down for quite a while so Jack had a lie down in the fresh straw as well!



Sire: Darwin Geronemo
Dam: Hillash Evie
d.o.b. 06.05.11

Below is Millie at Fillongley Show - her first outing.  She won "Best Foal" and we were so proud of her.  She did really well and behaved impeccably, even though by the time this photo was taken, she was nodding off!  We are planning to show her in 2012 as a yearling.  She is a very sweet, affectionate pony.

She has changed from chestnut tobiano (below) to a stunning chestnut roan tobiano (above).  The overall effect is to make her look pink and white!

Millie is a gorgeous chestnut roan tobiano filly.

Mille Fleurs is French for "a thousand flowers" and Millie gets her name from the thousands of hawthorn blossoms that blew into her stable the morning she was born, making a carpet of white.  As Millie is very white, with a blossom flower pattern on each side, the name seemed to fit.

She is very forward and curious, into everything!

Below is Millie, not long after she was born




No. 11 - CorleyOak Cinsation (Cindy) - 2010
Sire: Pinglewood Dominic
Dam: Pinglewood Barbie Doll
d.o.b. 28.05.10 - 03.08.10 (R.I.P.)

Cindy was very sadly lost to us on 3rd August 2010 - see "Those we've loved".  A post-mortem revealed that she had a heart defect.  The pain of losing her is still with us.  Her Mum, Barbie, is due to have another foal in 2012, after a year off to recover.



No. 10 - CorleyOak Charismatic (Matt)
Sire: Allensmore Starmist
Dam: Collytown Charisma
d.o.b. 09.05.10

Matt is now living up North near Widnes and is very much loved.  We receive regular updates about his antics.



Allensmore Starmist (Blue dun tobiano) and Collytown Charisma (Buckskin tobiano).  Only a 2.2% chance of bay out of that pairing!!  Matt has very unusual grey/brown eyes and a lovely dished face and short back. 

Above is Matt in action at his first show - Fillongley Agricultural show - where he won "Best Foal"  Look how dramatically his colour has changed!  He had such a fun day, but by the time he'd won his rosette he was ready for a sleep!



No. 9 - CorleyOak Angelina (Angel)  
Sire: Pinglewood Dominic
Dam: Pinglewood Olivia
d.o.b. 27.04.10

Angelina was sold locally and is participating in equine therapy for disadvantaged children - a job she is very well qualified for, being totally laid back and friendly.

A stunning and very correct filly.   Angel is show quality and moves like a dream (or a rocket - according to her mood!).  Angel has been sold to a super local home and has settled down already.  We look forward to staying in touch to see how she develops.



No. 8 - CorleyOak Red Rose (Rose)
Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign
Dam: Halstock Pacific Blue
d.o.b. 07.05.09

Rose is now living in a new home up north.  She has grown into a super pony of show quality


Rose is pictured above as a foal.  She has now grown into a show-quality two year old and has been sold to a showing home in the north.  We hope to hear of successes in the show ring in due course.

No. 7 - CorleyOak Legacy of Sovereign (Samson)
Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign
Dam: Talwrynisaf Clover Girl
d.o.b. 21.04.09

Samson lives reasonably locally and we hear about his all the time via Facebook!  He will become a lead rein pony for his little owner as soon as she is big enough to ride him.

Samson got his "posh" name from his sire and his pet name due to the fact that he was up, running and suckling within minutes of his birth - big and strong from the outset.  He was sold almost before he was born as the owner of his full brother (Apatchy - see above) wanted him.  He was weaned in October and has now joined his brother or partner in crime.  They took to each other straight away (wonder if they knew they were brothers....?) and are getting up to mischief together!



Above is Samson in the show ring - changed rather a lot!


No. 6 - CorleyOak Easter Bobbie Dazzler (Bob)
Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign
Dam: Braywood Vanilla
d.o.b. 09.04.09

"Bobble" as he is known is still at home with us.  We are hoping to licence him and use him as a stallion.  He has his sire and dam's wonderful temperament and is very easy going and kind.


Above is Bob (aged 9 months) in the snow - none too impressed with the white stuff!  Think he's worried about where his next blade of grass is coming from! 

Above is Bob as he is now.  Still got some maturing to do, but it looks as though he's going to take after his sire, Champlers Fairy Sovereign and have a beautiful mane and tail.


No. 5 - CorleyOak Touch Wood (Hope)
Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign
Dam: Quaker's Comfrey
d.o.b: 17.04.08








Hope will always be special to us as we had a two-week battle to save her life.  (See "Fight for Hope" on the left hand of "those we have loved" page).  She is strong and sturdy now and totally gorgeous!

Hope was sold in July 2010 to a super (local) home.  She is working as a therapy pony for disadvantaged children and children with learning disabilities.  We are thrilled as we are able to see her now and again and keep in touch with her.



No. 4 - CorleyOak Apatchy (Patch)
Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign
Dam: Talwrynisaf Clover Girl
d.o.b. 04.04.08










Apatchy is a stunning colt.  He was sold in September 2008 to a local home in Warwickshire.  He was joined the following year by his full brother, CorleyOak Legacy of Sovereign (Samson), so has a playmate! 

Above is Apatchy (Patch) as he is now - just having won a class at Evesham Show - September 2010, aged 2.

On 20.05.11 Patch became a father for the first time - to a coloured filly who looks exactly like him.  Her name is "Banbury Patchwork"


No. 3 - CorleyOak Champagne (Storm*)
Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign
Dam: Braywood Vanilla
d.o.b. 11.03.08

 * because she was born during one!

Storm has grown into a very stocky, show quality young filly.  Like Bob, she has a wonderful temperament, inherited from her sire and dam.  She will make a first class child's pony at some point as she loves to be with people and wouldn't hurt a fly - the type of trustworthy pony that is worth its weight in gold.



No. 2 - CorleyOak Black Diamond (Diamond)
Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign
Dam: Barns Gypsy Rose
d.o.b. 21.06.07



Diamond, pictured here with her Dam, Gypsy (see above), was our first filly and the tiniest foal we've had to date, standing at just 17" at birth.  She has remained small, in spite of her dam being a good 35", so was sold to a local home as we have a policy of not breeding from tiny mares.  Diamond has been very successful in the show ring.  We visited her recently and had a cuddle.....


No. 1 - CorleyOak Cavalier (Charlie)
Sire: Tawna Trooper
Dam: Twyfords Rosebud
d.o.b. 16.05.06



Charlie has the most wonderful temperament and movement to die for, which he has inherited from his sire, Tawna Trooper.  We were fortunate in finding him a super home where he is acting as a companion for a Highland pony and has become part of the family!

Charlie has tremendous character, with a "look at me" attitude.  He was our first born shetland (!) and thoroughly spoiled.  Charlie thinks he is human and often used to open the gates to our patio, trot through the porch and into the kitchen!   Latest reports were that he is still very much "a character"!!                                  



 Last updated 03.06.13








d.o.b. 27.04.14

Bay tobiano colt

Sire: Milday Yes Sir
Dam: Oldaport Gladys

Max, short for "Maximus", the name of the gladiator in the film of the same name, came into the world in 17 minutes flat and was standing up and nudging his dam for a drink within minutes. He is a very large colt with a tremendous amount of bone and a lot of attitude. Maximus is also Latin for "biggest", so he is well named as he is probably the biggest foal we've bred to date!